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Cabinet Preparation

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Prep, prep and more prep. Our installer had a lot of prep work ahead of him. Good thing he was right on time – again. A previous owner had done some custom work adding a few small kitchen cabinets to fill in the space where the microwave now goes.

This work was, of course done badly. It wasn’t square, or even flush with the other cabinet. With everything demolished, they made the microwave mounting plate look out of plumb. But since I installed the microwave myself, I knew it was plumb.

Look at the amateur carpentry problem spot before and expert carpentry after during the prep-work.

Everything is rebuilt, flush and ready to go. That little cabinet looks like it belongs with the rest now, instead if looking like someones mistake.


Anyhow, in these pictures, we see all new wood placed on top of the cabinets, ready for the granite slabs that will be installed next week. Surfaces of the cabinets are completely sanded, and even then, the dust is all vacuumed up before we get home.

Our installer placed more plastic over items left in the work area (refrigerator) so that it wouldn’t get covered with dust. Even sawdust in the driveway was swept up when I got home from work. Can’t wait to see what’s on the schedule for tomorrow, after today’s progress with the kitchen cabinets.