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Granite countertop pictures

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Its been one weekend plus two days since any progress. That means living out of boxes for almost two weeks now. And although living off fast food cuisine has not exactly been a chore for me, we are looking forward to our nice new kitchen.

Today, the granite counter top and granite backsplash was installed, and you will not believe today’s pictures! We’ve seen plenty of our friends granite counter top kitchens, and they do look good, but they do not pop – they do not grab your attention and make you say “Wow!”.

The color pattern we chose was the Tropical Brown. Choosing it was a difficult decision, but it came out the front runner over other patterns like Giallo Veneziano, Baltic Brown, and Uba Tuba.

We chose a mitered cut for the front edge of the granite instead of the completely rounded off look that you see on most installations of granite stone.

That’s what gives the front edge of the big 2 inch thick look.

As usual, the crew showed up right on time, and were as diligent as ever. They installed the sink too, since it is an integral part of the granite counter top. They hogged out the wood base plate that our carpenter made so nice, and finished the rough cut in the granite for the sink that was done before hand back at the factory.

You will see in the pictures how solid and substantial it makes the stone slab look. It makes the 1 inch thick granite look 2 inches thick. The edge is crisp instead of rounded, but it does have a small radius that prevents chipping.

The backsplash is cut from the same one inch thick granite slabs. Glued to the wall I suppose, and the top gap caulked. A full height granite backsplash would have been nice, but with the kitchen window would have looked too broken up.

Holes are cut in the counter top for the faucet, air gap, and soap dispenser. This looks so much nicer than being mounted to the sink, as tomorrow’s pictures will show after the plumber does his work.

The colors and pattern distribution in the granite slabs is exactly what we expected from our sample. Very even in size and distribution of the different color elements. The clear quartz crystals make for an extremely rich, 3 dimensional depth.

Kind of hypnotizing. The granite counter top and backsplash are so shiny that it’s difficult to get a picture without some reflection from the lighting, as you will see.

So without further delay, here is toady’s photo gallery:

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