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Pantry Demolition

This kitchen demolition is coming along very nicely. Here we see some of the veneers that will be used to resurface the kitchen cabinets. If your underlying cabinets are in good shape and no floor-plan changes are needed then this is a great option to save a lot of money while getting an entirely new kitchen from a remodeling project. Refacing is available in colors to suite any aesthetic.

Here we see the pantry to the left. It too will get new doors but in addition to that the shelves will slide out so it’s easy to access everything’s that’s further back on the shelves that are often hidden from view. Next to the pantry is where the oven goes as well as the microwave above that, and refrigerator goes on the right.

Oh and the lighting fixture too. That’s going to be replaced with some modern looking track lighting, which lets you focus the lighting in the most important work spaces of your kitchen.

Picture of kitchen before demolition