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Kitchen Demolition

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With an 8-9:30 window on day one, the crew showed up promptly at 8:04, leaving me plenty of time to get to work. (I told the boss I would be in the office no later than 9:00, so that worked out perfectly).

A quick meet & greet was followed by a summary of what was to be done. A few signatures later, and I was on my way to work – woopie for work. I was pleased to see this was far from the typical contractor confusion garbage. The crew foreman was ready for the job with his materials and supplies ready to go.

He brought with him a sample of the cabinet doors we had ordered and it was perfect. Mitered corners, perfectly fit and the wood was a really nice color, not too dark and not too light – really purdy.

The door sample looked exactly like the sample we saw when choosing our options. A German beech wood, beautifully polished smooth as glass. It was really gratifying to see a company follow through with what they promised to provide. Well Done!

Our crew was done with demolition in half a day. They cleaned everything up, and there was no dust anywhere. Looks better already. Here’s a collection from today’s kitchen pictures.

So this renovation project is off to a good start, and it will be exciting to see what’s in store for the next day. So far things are moving along nicely and quickly.