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Cabinet Refacing

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Today the veneer has been applied to the now that preparation is complete. It really looks nice and will do doubt give this kitchen a very rich, elegant finish when this is refacing project is complete. This is just the start, and it is a 6 week process but it’s very encouraging to see the transformation looking like this so far.

These pictures might not convey the dramatic progress that this one step brings but it really is quite dramatic. The photos can not do these cabinets or the refacing veneers any justice. So at this point we only have two cabinet pictures for today’s chapter.

One thing you might notice is that the veneer is rough cut, meaning that there is material overhanging the cabinet edges. The veneer material is not cut to an exact size fit before application because it would be next to impossible to cut these pieces exactly to size. Instead, the pieces are cut slightly oversized – there’s a reason a craftsman does the things this way. The next set of pictures will no doubt show the new veneers trimmed down exactly to size. We might even get a glimpse of the new cabinet doors in place next.

Also, in these pictures you can see the drawer slides seen in picture 2. Slide out drawers are perfect for a deep pantry like this. It would be very difficult to find and reach the small spice containers past the first few inches of shelf space otherwise. The upper shelves will remain fixed which is fine because this is where larger items and small appliances can be stored.

Please find the kitchen pictures below.