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Kitchen Before Pictures

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Every remodeling projects needs some before remodel pictures to commemorate and remember by. You might be going through the same thing – looking at an old kitchen, excited to get the project started and viewing before pictures of other projects like this one. It’s fun to look back on these old pictures once the new remodeling project is completed.

Since the cabinets are in great shape structurally will be decided it made sense to get them refaced instead of replaced. The cost would be significantly lower and will easily pay off in property value. Since this is an early sixties home, the cabinets are made of solid wood instead of particle board or plywood. But the cabinets, although structurally sound, were surface tired with old coatings, ancient knob rings, lame hinges barely hung the door, let alone provide a positive closing force. And then there was there’s those useless detentes that are supposed to hold a door closed – Pffft!

A kitchen island would be highly desirable, but but due to the limited space in a galley floor plan, the island idea would have required expensive major construction, and a wall moved. So a kitchen island would have to wait.

But now our start date is finally here. We have been anticipating this kitchen remodel for weeks, and now that it’s underway, we’re practically shoot sparks every day over the progress. Please see the before pictures below.

In these kitchen pictures you might find some familiar sights. Old tile counter tops with some cracked and busted tiles. Old pattern vinyl flooring that tries to look like a tile pattern, but fails. Outdated hardware that’s miss matched, wall paper, and obviously old worn out cabinets.

This is going to be a really exciting transformation. Not only will it probably pay for itself in added equity value, but it will become a beautiful modern space to enjoy everything from simple cooking to pushing the limits on ones culinary skills.