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Kitchen Remodeling Pictures

Perhaps not quite as extreme as some of the remodeling shows on TV.

When you live with and old kitchen for a few years, you’d probably feel as excited we did when the kitchen remodeling project finally began. We decided to remodel the kitchen using granite and cabinet refacing. New kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and drawer tubs, kitchen lighting, ceiling fan, and each kitchen appliance was replaced – the works.

You will find here in Kitchen Remodeling Pictures, a detailed description of everything before, during and after a real life project that is probably similar to what you are facing. A daily breakdown of the progress with kitchen pictures, commentary and speculation on the next days episode.

We had talked to some other turnkey companies that wouldn’t talk to you for less than $100k – well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea. That would be money down the drain – we’re not talking about a luxury home in Beverly Hills after all.

A kitchen island was highly desirable, but due to the limited space in a galley floor plan, the island idea would have required expensive major construction, and a wall moved. So a kitchen island would have to wait.


Our own preparations for this remodeling project were almost like moving out altogether – well, not really, but it is similar, in that it was about double the effort I initially thought. Everything ! gets cleared out of the kitchen. Everything out of the kitchen cabinets, the drawers, and every other nook and cranny – everything.

Also like moving, you get to live (kitchen wise) out of boxes for almost two weeks while the remodeling is being done. On the other hand, what better excuse to binge on your local cuisine favorites ?? Add a large big indoor dog to the mix, a couple of indoor cats, and all of their needs, and it can get a bit hectic to say the least.

But there are unrealized benefits too. When my wife and I married a few years ago, we doubled our accumulated kitchen toys into one home. During the kitchen clear out, we segregated shelves full of cups, dishes, silverware, and on and on, into donation and garbage piles.

Think of this, when the kitchen remodeling is done, not only will it be beautiful, but spacious as well – plenty of shelf space will surely abound. What’s that law of physics that says ‘your stuff expands to fill the amount of space available? Hope projects kitchen remodeling pictures, and look forward to the kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen appliance, and ceiling fan pictures as well.

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