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Here we get a look at what this bathroom looked like before the remodeling. There was nothing special about this old bathroom, it was common in every way. It wasn’t a very nice bathroom, but it worked. It had a bath and tub combo, a vanity sink and toilet. Very functional but not very luxurious.

Well that was all about to change. We’re ringing in a designer come in and help out with idea, this will be a full gut job – a complete remodel from the wall studs on out. Thankfully we have a second full bathroom to use during the 6 to 8 week project during which this bathroom will be out of commission.

But we’ll get to all that in the next few pages. Lets look at before pictures first. The first thing you might notice in the pictures below is how small the space is. You can see this in the first picture of the floor plan layout picture. There’s not a lot you can change in this floor plan layout that will pay any dividend. It is what it is, we’ll just have to make the best of what we have to work with.

Then there’s the lighting fixture before picture. It’s just very plan and utility like. What’s missing in this picture is the old mirror in front of the vanity.

Next is a before picture of the vanity cabinet and sink. The cabinet is a cheap particle board thing with a paper oakĀ  finish. And the sink is one of those 1-peice plastic molded things. It works but it’s nothing impressive at all.

The medicine cabinet is the next before picture. It’s a cheap tri-fold wall mount unit, and the final picture is the cheap sliding shower door picture. Click on a picture to take a closer look at each one.