Home remodeling Ideas

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Home Remodeling Pictures

You are contemplating a major kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Home modeling projects can transform a home. A tired old bathroom can be remodeled into a dream spa-like bathroom. Same for kitchen remodeling. An old ugly kitchen can be transformed into a chefs kitchen. All these things are possible.

We have detailed here a real life home remodeling project including kitchen and master bathroom. It’s like a picture diary of the process. The before and after results are amazing and the value added to the home pays off when you decide it’s time to sell.

But it can be a very stressful and expensive process too.

How will your family live day to day while the kitchen is being remodeled? Preparing and cooking three (or less) square meals a day. Washing dishes, and everything else you might do in the kitchen. How’s that going to work?

The same question applies to a bathroom remodeling project. Your family might have to make due with a single bathroom. Or even worse, what if you only have one bathroom and it’s being remodeled. Shower, brushing teeth, think of all the things your family does in the bathroom. Now imagine having one less bathroom? How is that going to work?

Especially if there are children involved? Argh! It can be very stressful 2, 4, 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the remodel.

Well that’s another resource you will find here in Home Remodeling Pictures. As we chronicle the the real life process, we also deal with the same stressful issues, and you will find out how we handled these situations without going mad!

Please enjoy the read